Mud Pump Parts

The extensive product lines of mud pump expendables and mud pump parts we manufacture and supply include liners, pistons and hubs, valves and seats, gaskets, seals and bushings, modules and accessories, rods and clamps, cross heads, pulsation dampeners and much more. All our products are fully exchangeable with OEM parts and meet or exceed API-7K standards.


Buy Ambien From Usa TexStar manufactures Zirconia liners, ceramic liners, chrome alloy sleeved liners, hardened liners, hardened and chrome plated liners. All our liner products are exchangeable with OEM products and meet or exceed API-7K standards. Buy Yellow Diazepam >> Learn more

Pistons & Hubs TexStar’s urethane bonded pistons are bonded with genuine U.S. made urethane compound. Working temperature up to 300°. Our replaceable rubber pistons are assembled with premium quality U.S. made rubber kit. >> Learn more Valves & Seats

Buy Generic Adipex Online TexStar supplies full open and 3 / 4 web valves and seats with replaceable or permanently bonded inserts. High temperature and high pressure ratings are available. Many styles including Roughneck and FKN (G2) styles are offered. >> Learn more Seals and Bushings TexStar offers genuine U.S. made urethane and rubber liner gaskets, wear plate gaskets, extension rod seals, valve guide bushings, manifold O-rings, pony rod baffles and wiper seal, valve cover and cylinder head seals. >> Learn more

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Phentermine Kopen Belgie TexStar’s modules are made of premium alloy steel with strict forging and heat treatment processes. They can come in one piece or two-piece “L” shaped configuration with design pressure up to 7,500 PSI. OEM and Southwest style are available. >> Learn more

Modules Accessories TexStar manufactures full line of module accessories for most of the modules. They include valve guides, wear plates, cylinder heads, valve lock covers, cylinder head plugs, valve cover plugs, threaded rings, liner locks and much more. >> Learn more

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Rods & Clamps TexStar’s rods and clamps are made of premium quality alloy steel. The surfaces of pony rods are Chrome plated and polished to mirror-like finish. Rod clamps are machined to ensure perfect alignment and tight grip of two rods.
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TexStar manufactures cross heads, cross head pins and cross head slides for most of the mud pump models. All our cross head products are fully exchangeable with OEM products and meet or exceed API-7K standards.
>> Learn more Pulsation Dampeners

TexStar supplies Hydril “K” style pulsation dampeners and Bomco “KB” series pulsation dampeners. They come with various volumes and pressure ratings. KB-45, KB-75, K-10 and K-20 style pulsation dampeners are available.  
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