TSF – 1600 7,500 PSI
Mud Pumps

TexStar’s TSF-1600 7,500 PSI mud pump provides high-octane performance for today’s increasingly extreme drilling conditions. 7,500 PSI conversion upgrade including three Southwest style 2-piece “L” shaped modules, discharge cross strainer, high-pressure discharge manifold and 7,500 PSI pulsation dampener is incorporated to ensure higher working pressures, easier maintenance and less down time.

Key Specification

Max Liner Size: 7” x 12”
Stroke Rating: 120 SPM
Power Rating: 1,600 HP
Gear type: Herringbone
Gear Ratio: 4.206:1
Lubricating: Forced and Splashing
Suction Inlet: 12”
Discharge Outlet: 5-1/8” – API-10K
Pinion Shaft Dia: 8-1/2”
Valve Pots: API #6
Approx Weight: 28,500 KG

Power End

  • High strength alloy steel frame provides high rigidity and free distortion.
  • Forged, alloy steel pinion shaft with 4.206:1 Herringbone gear.
  • One-piece alloy steel crankshaft.
  • Full roller bearing construction.
  • Forged, alloy steel pinion shaft.
  • Forced and splashing oil lubrication powered by an geared oil pump.
  • Cast crosshead and guide provide excellent abrasion resistance and long service life.

Fluid End

  • Three 2-piece “L” shape forged alloy steel modules, max. pressure 7,500 PSI.
  • Liner Wear plate design improves service life of modules.
  • Liner and piston are cooled and lubricated by water spray system
  • API #6 valves and seats.
  • Rear mount discharge manifold connected with 5-1/8” API-10K flange.
  • 20 Gallon, 7,500 PSI Pulsation Dampener.
  • 7,500 PSI, 6-way discharge strainer cross with BX connections.